Welcome to CHFCare Cardiology. We are a unique community-based heart failure and cardiopulmonary disease management program. We treat all stages and classes of heart failure and our primary goal is improving our patients’ quality of life using personalized care plans. 

Our approach to care is better by design. We use only evidence-based and scientifically proven methods to diagnose, treat, and maintain the highest quality of life for our patients.

Everything we do is specifically designed just for you and your heart. We don’t do cookie cutter or one-size fits all medicine. With us, it’s personal. It doesn’t matter if a treatment or medicine is good. What matters to us is whether it’s good for YOU. 

Our specialists have been designing and building high quality healthcare programs for nearly 20 years and we know better care doesn’t just happen by accident. Better care happens by design and by continuous improvement and measurement. We created a new way of providing high quality care that is beneficial, effective, timely, targeted, efficient, and reliable. We call our approach B.E.T.T.E.R. Quality Care.


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Heart failure is a progressive condition which affects the lungs, kidneys, and other organs in the body. Helping patients feel better and improving quality of life means understanding where they are in course of their condition. 

We don’t just focus on the heart. As cardiopulmonary disease specialists, we design treatment plans to manage multiple chronic conditions in collaboration with primary care physicians and other specialists.

Comprehensive initial appointments are available at our new heart center. Online virtual visits for established patient are available using our state of the art telemedicine system.


CHFCare specialists  are experts in hospital care for heart failure and conditions making it worse.

We manage patients in the emergency department, observation unit, medical ward, and intensive care unit. We work very closely with hospitalists and other cardiologists to make sure patient care is coordinated and  evidence-based. 

CHFCare Physicians have decades of experience in management of critically ill patients in intensive care units and coronary care units. We have expertise in treatment of shock and use evidence-based selection of appropriate medications and advanced therapies such as left ventricular assist devices (LVAD). 


Our expertise in heart failure and cardiopulmonary disease management is very valuable to residents of skilled nursing facilities and assisted living centers. We see them where they live and reduce risk associated with traveling to an office.

We collaborate closely with facility medical directors and use innovative technology to bring as much care to the bedside as needed in order to minimize the need for residents to travel for cardiac diagnostic testing. 

We reduce hospital transfers by offering remote acute care for SNF and ALF residents who become more symptomatic using  a combination of telemedicine and telemonitoring. 



Dr Augustine Agocha completed his medical training, including internship, internal medicine residency, and cardiology fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine and its main teaching hospital, Yale-NewHaven Hospital in New Haven, CT. He is board certified in Cardiology and in Advanced Heart Failure and Heart Transplantation. Dr Agocha also holds an MBA from the Fox School of Business at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He is a formally trained medical scientist and earned both an MD and a PhD from the School of Medicine of the State University of New York at Buffalo.

amy reid, msn, MBA


Ms Reid is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner and Florida licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). Her nursing career began in the United States Army Medical Corps where she served for nearly 6 years, including a deployment to Operation Desert Storm. Prior to joining the St Joseph’s Heart Failure Program in 2013, she spent more than 8 years with BayCare Health System as a critical care nurse managing very ill patients in the ICU. Ms. Reid holds an MBA in Healthcare Management from St. Leo University and received both her Bachelor of Science (BSN) and Master of Nursing Science (MSN) degrees from the University of South Florida School of Nursing.

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We accept Medicare and most other insurance. We also offer a simple, fair, self pay program based on Medicare’s fee schedule. You don’t have to pay more just because you don’t have insurance.